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    Japanese traditional crafts for the world!

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    Japanese Crafts Co., Ltd. was established to sell precious Japanese traditional crafts to the world in order to contribute to the active development of the Japanese craft industry. We have visited hundreds of craft-related companies all over Japan, including kilns and manufacturers, and have been enlightened by the craftsmen’s valuable stories. One of the most impressive revelations we encountered was the deep commitment of the artisans and manufacturers to the production process, the products’ relevance to history, their originality and ingenuity, and their refined delicacy and exceptional beauty.


    However, at the same time, we also felt that this wonderfulness has not been sufficiently transmitted to the world market. Hence,we have decided to embark on the in-house purchase business development and sales of these products for both the domestic and overseas markets, focusing mainly on E-Commerce (EC).

    Likewise, we are also greatly challenged to cultivate a new strategy of connecting new customers with superior quality products.


    Through the dynamic propagation of Japanese crafts, our company is able to nurture a successful business of communicating the essence of product value and creating a new stage of manufacturing local goods in the pursuit of making Japan a country that will be always be proud of its rich heritage.


    With this aspiration in mind, Japanese Crafts Co., Ltd. is profoundly devoted to exert the utmost effort to attain its goals.


    We appreciate your continued support.

    Company name

    Japanese Crafts Co., Ltd.


    We aim to understand the core of Japanese crafts—the craftsmanship techniques, strict commitment to manufacturing methods, sense of spirituality, and historical background—and distribute the products worldwide. We disseminate this knowledge and experience to everyone around the world who love Japanese craft.


    The design depicts the Japanese kanji character“工” meaning craft. The red color illustrates the meaning of prayer for regeneration of life,“Gin shu”(vermilioncolor). In the olden days, the symbol was associated with the image of a“continuing Japan”, and was particularly evident in festivals during the Yayoi period.

  • Our work

    Delivering precious Japanese traditional crafts to the world in order to contribute to the active development of the Japanese craft industry

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    Cross-border EC Business

    Careful selection and purchase of craft products for domestic and overseas sales through online shopping


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    Overseas Sales Business

    Thorough investigation of each country’s needs and sale of products through AmazonUS,UK,others and distributors.

    Sales expansion through Amazon UK, US, DE and others

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    Craftsmen Management Business

    Planning support

    • Support for crafts-related projects and events in your country, such as exhibitions, and events at department stores
    • Introduction of qualified craftsmen who can perform sales demonstrations
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  • Exhibition Space

    We have set up an exhibition space for our handicraft products at 2F, Itadaki Bldg., Tsukiji, Tokyo, within walking distance from Tsukiji.

    Target buyers: Retailers, such as department stores, mail order companies, general retail shops, other retail trade buyers, and overseas sales distribution companies


    <Advanced reservation required>

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    itadaki BLDG. - Shared atelier building for people who seek independence as business creators, and who are interested in exchanges between creators.

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    We hold exhibitions and events of crafts. Discussion is possible at the negotiation room.

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    Main Exhibition of products sold at cross-border Online Shop.

    From the start of the month buyers visited from

    Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Taipei and others.

  • SNS

    Workshops,business activities, and interviews engaged in during the purchase of craft products.

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  • Looking for Distributors

    Why not sell genuine Japanese crafts at your company?

    Our company may be able to offer rare Japanese crafts that have not yet been distributed in your country!

    Allow us to form a solid partnership with you so that we can deliver excellent products that would absolutely delight your customers.

    We target the following partnerships:

    • Parties interested in Japan and Japanese manufacturing
    • Parties who can establish or have already established customer relations with the above interests
    • Parties who possess appropriate understanding of our highly handcrafted product selection, and do not compromise for low-priced purchases

    We aim to continue productive relations with partners and customers to enhance mutual business development.


    Merits of Partnership with Japanese Crafts Co., Ltd.:

    • Deep appreciation of Japanese crafts

    We have been travelling throughout Japan, visiting and observing numerous handicraft manufacturing sites. We discuss manufacturing methods and material development with the craftsmen and manufacturers, and are able to distinguish genuine production from mass production. We are able to offer the suitable product selection that matches your company’s preferences for color, size, shape, retail price, and your country's lifestyle needs.

    • Abundant production volume with secured purchase routes

    Several particular issues need to be considered for the distribution of Japanese crafts. It is of crucial importance to understand the commercial customs linked to the historical and regional backgrounds of the products. For companies and parties that are familiar with these factors, our company has established a wider range of sales routes than other companies, which enables us to supply products efficiently based on trust relationships.

    • Extensive knowledge of EC

    With Amazon Japan as our main online order sales representative, our company has formed a stable business relationship with experienced buyers in the retail field. We are also deeply knowledgeable about strategic methods for sales increase through EC by accurately grasping the demands of selling Japanese crafts online.

    For interested parties, please kindly fill up the Inquiry Form to receive more information.

  • Contact us

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation on becoming a distributor, reservation ofthe exhibition space, interview request, and others. We will reply within 24 hours.